Sharelines metastasize, now plague Chicago Tribune

Trib sharelines: these stinkSharelines, the dopey white flag the LA Times waved to twitchy social media culture earlier this year, have made their way to the Tribune mothership in a recent Chicago Tribune redesign.

I loathe these things because they get in the way of my reading, but I despise them because the news sites are putting them above the story and, in effect, saying share without reading. That’s disrespectful to readers, and it’s disrespectful to their very product (assuming you naïvely believe as I do that all those words in the story are the actual product).

So to welcome fucking sharelines to the Tribune, I’ve added a couple of sibling userstyles to the Turn off LA Times “sharelines” style that makes them disappear from the page. You can now also choose:

Instructions for installing the styles and the Stylish extension are in the previous post. Feel free to share!